Return policy

When you want to return one of our products it could be because of one of these reasons;


Wrong article

It’s always possible that you received a wrong article. When this happens, you can always send the wrong article back. The correct article will than be sent as fast as possible.

To make sure that the code and the article are match, you can always email the customer service. They will check if all the information on the webshop is correct. When one of the codes do not correspondent with the article, this will be adjusted right away so there won’t be any wrong delivery in the future.


Damaged article

Although our transporters handle all the packages with ultimate care, could it happen that an article gets damaged unfortunatly. If you receive an item that is damaged or does not function properly, you can always send it back to us. In this way no return costs will be charged. As soon as Gepro Box has received the damaged item, a new delivery will take place. Pay attention! This is only possible when you receive the item.


No reason

You may return all articles, provided they meet the conditions below, without stating a reason. In this case, the costs of the return will be charged to the customer. If you want to have it picked up by Gepro Box, double shipping costs will be charged for the return.

If you want to send the package back without giving a reason, there are several possibilities to return the article;

• You can deliver the order yourself at Gepro Box in Gouderak.

• You can make an appointment to have the shipment picked up at your home by a parcel service. You will then have to pay the shipping costs yourself.

• You can make an appointment at Gepro Box so they can get the articles picked up. The shipping costs will then have to be paid in advance to Gepro Box after which Gepro Box makes an appointment and picks up the products.


Return conditions

Returning an item is not a problem, but must meet the conditions below at all times.

The conditions are:

A. Within 14 days after purchase (Order counts the delivery date as the purchase date).

B. With the order confirmation.

C. The article is complete, not used or damaged.

D. The item is, if reasonably possible, still in the original product packaging.

E. Articles will only be returned if they are unused and, if reasonably possible, still in the original packaging.

Articles that do not meet the above conditions can unfortunately not be exchanged or returned. If you return an online order that does not meet the above conditions, it will be returned to you again.


Customers procedure

If you have a complaint as mentioned above, like a wrong or damaged article then you can act according to the above information by contacting us. If articles are missing or have not been delivered follow the following procedure.


Missing article

There are several reasons why an article might be missing.

First and foremost, it is possible that an item is delivered by another logistics company because of the nature of the article. An article is therefore not really missing, but the delivery simply takes place at a different time. This information can also be found in the order confirmation, together with the code that allows you to follow the order. It is also possible that one order is delivered in different subpackages. This information can also be found in the email with the track and trace code. Here you immediately have a view of the delivery dates and the articles that are in the different packages. To get to know sure if one of the articles is really missing it’s important to check the different packages individually.

In exceptional cases it can be an article that is no longer available, but was still present in the webshop at the time of ordering. If this is the case, the purchase price will be reimbursed as soon as possible and the delivery canceled. This is indicated on the packing slip or will be communicated via email.


Other complaint

Obviously, Gepro Box hopes that you will always be satisfied with the orders you place with the company. In the unlikely event that you have a complaint, you can contact us by email, telephone or mail. We make every effort to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.